As a Freelance Digital Journalist, Presenter and Influencer, I wanted to launch a new interactive website that hosts all of my creative works in one place.
If you are familiar with my writing, then you’ll know that I am an advocate for championing women’s issues and have a strong passion for empowering women to embrace all that they are, unapologetically. Therefore, I have decided to launch a blog section on my website where I will be sharing my unfiltered opinions, thoughts and advice on a wide range of topics that affect women, minority groups and the wider world.

So, what kind of content can you expect to see?
You can look forward to anything from hard-hitting opinion pieces to picture-perfect outfit posts and honest beauty reviews on products/brands that I believe cater to a diverse audience.

What’s more, this will be your go-to platform for weight loss inspiration, fitness motivation and updates on my 120 pound weight loss journey.
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Much love,
Sue Omar x
(Makeup and Photography @FlawlessHalf)


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